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ExactCut 140 DoubleMitering Circular Saw

  • Powerful and efficient machine
  • Angular cutting in range from -60° to +60°
  • Robust industrial design
  • Easy to operate
  • Possibility to save hundreds of production orders
  • Possibility of remote management for fast service
  • Various accessories
Automatická kotoučová pila na ocel a neželezné kovy ExactCut 140 DoubleBevel

Technical data – ExactCut 140 DoubleMitering

Technical dataMAM 140
for cutting ofnon-ferrous metals
saw blade typeHSS/carbide
saw blade grippingØ30/50
saw blade diameter (Ø mm)500/600
cutting range (0°)
(Ø mm)

10 - 140

(V x V mm) 10x10-100x100
(V x Š mm) 10x10-100x150
cutting range (±60°)
(Ø mm)


(V x V mm) 10x10-85x85
(V x Š mm) 10x10-75x90
cutting speed (m/min)600 - 2200
remnant length (mm)50 - 135

This new universal saw meets all the requirements for mass production of angulart parts and the ability to lenght optimalization in multiple production orders to ensure maximum efficiency in material cutting.

Possibility of fully automatic angular separation in high performance and cutting quality adds a new dimension of use.
Equipment with modular SIMOTION control system in machine delivers a high basic standard and enables seamless expansion of the saw with needed custom peripherals.
The main use of this machine is particularly in the areas of mass production of aluminum frame structure, cutting lines and other manufacturing operations requiring precise, unattended, high-performance cutting.

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