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A quality filtration device is the basic accessory of all newly manufactured machines. High-performance oil mist lubrication systems increase cutting performance, however without a proper mist exhaustion system harmful aspiration of these particles formed may occur. Another undesirable aspect is the deposition of oil on any part of the machine, which may cause problems for example with material identification. The machine cleanliness increases the cutting precision.

Oil mist exhaust

Oil mist formed by the saw blade lubrication is not only harmful in insufficiently ventilated spaces, but it also may significantly reduce the lifetime of some machine components or their functionality. To prevent these undesirable effects, an extraction device should be installed to the machine. We will be pleased to help you with its selection.

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Swarf exhaustion

Swarf formed by cutting particularly aluminium profiles and other nonferrous metals is removed by high-performance extraction devices located close to the machines.

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