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Automatic parting line with ExactCut MAC 105 circular saw

  • Loading chain conveyor with material magazine
  • Input roller track with loading segments
  • ExactCut MAC 105 circular saw for steel
  • Output assorting line for good and waste pieces with cutting-in  
  • Deburring equipment
  • Length check
  • Robot with gripper for placing workpieces into cases

This is the completely automated line with minimum demands set on operators, which are limited to material loading and setting machine input parameters only. The line is designed for parting bars of various sections up to the diameter of 105 mm. Outgoing pieces are sorted automatically to waste pieces with cutting-in and good pieces that are then transported via the belt conveyor to the deburring equipment and length check. After measuring the robot separates the workpieces into cases for good and defective pieces.

Main machine parameters:

  • Cutting range, circle: 20 –105 mm
  • Cutting range, rectangle: 20 x 20 up to 140 x 70 mm
  • Cutting range, square: 80 x 80 mm
  • Cut lengths: 10 – 2 500 mm
  • Demagnetization
  • 100% length check  

The customer-tailored machine is designed for metallurgical material suppliers. The customer utilizes the machine for parting steels and stainless materials of standard and profile sections. The Orbital system is used for deburring optimisation.   

The pieces are placed into cases by the robot fitted with the multi-purpose mechanical gripper suitable for handling stainless materials and steels.    
    In case it is necessary to guarantee lengths of cut pieces, it is possible to activate 100% length check. Then it is possible to print out a protocol to measured pieces.

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