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Basic version of parting line with ExactCut MAC 90 Circular Saw

  • Input material magazine with automatic loading into saw
  • ExactCut MAC 90 circular saw for steel
  • Output folding table or chute

The line basic version is fitted with the input magazine with adjustable angle that guides the round or angular material to the loading position. The magazine can be completed with the auxiliary package stacker.  
For parting workpieces longer then 300 mm the line is equipped with the output folding table that supports material and at the same time serves for sorting to good and waste pieces. This sorting is performed by means of a chute when shorter pieces are cut consecutively.

Main machine parameters:

  • Cutting range, circle: 20 – 90 mm
  • Cutting range, rectangle: 20 x 10 up to 80 x 90 mm
  • Cutting range, square: 80 x 80 mm
  • Cut lengths: 15 – 1000 mm

Main machine parameters:

This is the machine standard version. Thanks to its ergonomic design it enables optimum application in common mass-production plants (forge shops, press shops, manufacturers of bearings and other mass-produced parts).

Simple intuitive control enables rapid training of operators and trouble-free setting into operation. The basic outfit comprises the ball screw and the servo-drive for feeding to depth. The machine is prepared to be fitted with input and output accessories.  

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