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Circular Saws

ExactCut circular saws are designed and built for high performance cutting of large batches of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The machines are designed with emphasis on short cutting times, short setup and changeover times and simple operation.

Cutting times and the quality of the cut exceed all common available technologies. The simple concept of these machines allows trouble-free integration of additional equipment of various kinds.  In many cases these machines are used in combination with subsequent prossesses such as pressing, forging, forming and other large-batch operations.

ExactCut 205

ExactCut MAC/MAM 205 is the largest circular saw in our product range. Machine offers metal cutting up to 205 mm diameter. The cut is made with a thin blade. The unique two-axis NC-controlled feed into the cut, combined with precise robust design tools, allows maximum performance with wide range cutting blades.

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ExactCut 155

Currently our largest model with a cutting capacity of up to 155 mm (dia.).

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ExactCut 105

This new concept offers a cutting capacity of up to 105 mm round.

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ExactCut 75 TWIN

The new 75 TWIN is the newest addition to our line of high productions circular machines. It is capable of cutting 2 bars with diameters of up to 35 mm at the same time or one bar alone with a max. diameter of 70 mm.

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ExactCut 75

This is the smallest machine in our program with a cutting capacity of up to 75 mm (dia.).

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