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Material Loading Devices

Various material loading systems and material magazines that constantly supply the machine with raw material are available. Important for the selection of the right system are material shapes, cut-off length, variety of different cross sections, etc. All available systems are modular so their length can be adapted to each application.

Slope Loader

The slope loader is very suitable for round cross-sections and short cut-off lengths. Due to its simple and proved construction and low price this is the loading device most of our smaller machines are equipped with.

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Semi-Automatic Bundle Loader

The additional bundle loader simplifies the material loading and the transfer onto the slope loader significantly. It is mostly used for cutting of longer parts which accordingly requires a more frequent reloading of material. A bundle loader is also beneficial for larger bundles.

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Automatic Bundle Loader

The automatic bundle loader reloads material fully automatically into the infeed system of the machine. This is extremely beneficial for cutting of longer parts with accordingly requires a more frequent reloading of material.

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Chain Conveyor

The chain conveyor guarantees trouble-free transport and loading of material with all shapes. Due to its robust construction this is the standard magazine for the majority of our larger machines.

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