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Material processing

Upon customers’ requirements, new devices are continuously developed, serving for subsequent processing of workpieces and supplied as accessories to our standard machines. One of the most frequently used material processing technologies is post-cutting both-sided chamfering of metal pieces, performed with various levels of automation. Other frequently supplied devices include machines for demagnetising, machining and flushing pipes, and final length control. Individual operations may be further combined and adjusted as required by the customer.

Material deburring ORBITAL

ORBITAL deburring machine serves for both-sided automatic deburring of bars and profiles of various diameters, shapes, and lengths.

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Pass-through material deburring

The pass-through deburring machine serves for both-sided automatic deburring of bars and profiles of various diameters. Pass-through deburring is particularly suitable for pipes.

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Machining of ends

By integrating the machining device the customer will gain a tool for fully automatic machining of material ends, particularly edge chamfering, drilling centred holes, levelling ends, etc.

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Pipe washing

If the customer requires a perfectly clean, surface-treated material after the final machining, a flushing device may be used. The modular design of washing machines allows multilevel washing and subsequent treatment of workpiece surfaces to be performed.

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Demagnetising serves for the removal of residual magnetism which the material gains during handling and cutting, or from other sources.

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Output control and recording

The device for length control provides automatic control of cut lengths, recording measured lengths, and separating lengths which are outside a specified tolerance, into a separate crate.

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Material shape identification

The device evaluates proper adjustment and dimensions of material for problem-free running of the line subsequent operations.

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