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Material unloading

Devices located directly behind the saw ensure automatic unloading of material and separating to good pieces and waste (cut-offs and remains). Standard devices are of a modular design, enabling the line to be assembled as required by the customer.
In order to simplify working processes and to meet requirements of our customers, accessories for output operations following cutting the workpiece are continuously developed. Automatic handling is particularly suitable for cut pieces of bigger weight, for pieces which should be stored precisely in crates, and for transfer to another operation.

Tilting Table

The tilting table acts as material support of cut-off pieces with lengths above 300 mm (12”) and separates cut-off pieces from trim cuts and remnant pieces.
The maximal possible cut-off length 3,000mm (9.84’).

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Output sorting table with a belt conveyor

The separation table is useful particularly for manual unloading of cut material (e.g. exposed aluminium profiles) by personnel. Workpieces may be safely unloaded from the belt conveyor without stopping the whole line.

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Output sorting table with a slide

The separation table with a simple but sufficiently robust structure is useful especially with larger machines, such as ExactCut MAC 155 and ExactCut MAC 205.

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Bundle magazine

The outlet bundle stower provides automatic unloading of cut material and its preparation for subsequent binding.

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The elevator is connected to some of the separation tables located behind a circular saw, serving as material storage. By including this device into the production line a sufficient quantity of material will be accumulated when the saw needs to be stopped due to the blade replacement.

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Our manipulator stacks cut-off pieces into a container. Due to its design, the different kinds of containers can be used and different stacking patterns can be realized.

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Sorting and storage by means of a robot

An industrial robot with gripper allows to sort and stack parts into material containers and / or hands parts over to subsequent production processes.

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