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Circular saw ExactCut 205

  • High-performance automatic cutting machine
  • Two-axis system for move into cut
  • The pick of shortest cutting distance
  • Robust construction increasing rigidity of machine tool
  • Simple machine control
  • Space for save hundreds production programs (recipes)
  • Remote control for fast service
  • Various accessories for the machine input and output

Technical data – ExactCut 205

Technical dataMAC 205MAM 205
for cutting ofsteelnon-ferrous metals
saw blade typeHSS/carbideHSS/carbide
saw blade grippingØ50, 4x16x80 4x21x90Ø50, 4x16x80 4x21x90
saw blade diameter (Ø mm)460-620460-620
cutting range
(Ø mm)



(H + H mm) 50x50 - 190x19050x50 - 190x190
(H + W mm) 50x50 -205x180

50x50 - 205x180

cutting speed (m/min)40 - 160
60 - 220
600 - 2200
800 - 3000
remnant length (mm)115115

Using two-axis system for move into cut gives new possibilities for optimalization the cutting process. Selecting the optimal cutting characteristics provide shortening the length and time for cut. Selecting the optimal cutting characteristics also allows the selection of optimal instruments, which will reduce the costs and increases power of cuts.

ExactCut MAC/MAM 205 is leader on market thanks to huge cutting range. Circular saw is suitable for mass production in the forge shops, steel warehouses, and other serial operations.
Modular machine control system SIEMENS SIMOTION provide high basic standard and allows system extension by the installation custom peripherals.

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